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Find explorers, bootstraps, faucets, and more for all your popular crypto coins!

About cryptoexplorer.club

At cryptoexplorer.club you'll find explorers, bootstraps, faucets, and mining pools for all of todays hottest crypto currencies.

Want to add your coin to the club? Simply click on the Add Coin link and let us know!


We use the latest Iquidus Explorer for all of our explorers.


Get your free coins every 3 hours for most coins on our network.


All bootstrap.dat files automatically updated at 2:30am EST.

Mining Pool

Want to mine with us? Check out our mining pool, thepool.life

Crypto Explorers


  • cryptoexplorer.club uses a slightly modified version that can be found on our public github.

  • Hosting a secure, encrypted option for high-speed downloads of the latest bootstrap.dat files requires a lot of resources and bandwidth. We do charge a small fee to help cover these costs.

    We only take BTC for payment.

  • Your download link is valid for 24 hours after the first confirmation of payment sent.

  • All bootstrap.dat files are in .xz format which allows decompression of the while you are downloading it.

  • Overall disk space will very between coins, but for example, the bitcoin download file has about 168 GB size; decompression needs some additional 220 GB. Importing this file needs another ~250 GB. Take care of having enough free disk space available!

  • Keep your Core application closed and follow these steps after downloading your bootstrap file.

    Download the latest bootstrap.dat.xz file and uncompress (7-Zip or XZ Utils) the included bootstrap.dat file into your Core application folder

    Open your Core application and wait until it has “imported the blocks from disk…”. Any new blocks found since the bootstrap.dat was created will be synchronized via the peer to peer network afterwards.

  • After extraction and your Core application is fully sync'd with the network you may delete the bootstrap.dat.xz file from your system.

  • The fee for adding your coin to our network is 0.0095 BTC per year. You get:

    • Full node with a IPv4 IP*
    • Dedicated resource for your coins explorer
    • Adding a faucet for your coin
    • Adding your coin to thepool.life

    * Nodes are controlled by cryptoexplorer.club

  • If a coins wallet needs to be updated, please contact support and let us know. We will get it updated ASAP.

  • Donations are welcomed to help keep cryptoexplorer.club alive and growing!

    BTC: 3DvcaPT3Kio8Hgyw4ZA9y1feNnKZjH7Y21

    BCH: qrf2fhk2pfka5k649826z4683tuqehaq2sc65nfz3e

    ETH: 0x6A047e5410f433FDBF32D7fb118B6246E3b7C136

    ETC: 0xc5C3E017087adB10C2FE085cF8eA9b1c9867Ff28

    LTC: MLS5pfgb7QMqBm3pmBvuJ7eRCRgwLV25Nz

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